What To Prefer in Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting?


In today’s Internet world, good quality website hosting is extremely important for the proper functioning of websites. And Dedicated Servers are a top choice of all website owners today owing to various advantages and the ensured security for websites. However, the tussle lies between the types of dedicated servers- managed and unmanaged and if from European countries like Netherlands or from somewhere else. This article shall help you to decide which server type is the best for your website.

Why choose Dedicated Servers?

Servers are entry ways for websites to the Web or the Internet. They provide an extension to your computer network, and can be accessed just like the drives and files on your computer. Servers hold all the documents, software and files pertaining to your website, and release them or host them on the Internet for people to see them.

There are two types of Servers in general. They are toegewijd (Dedicated) Servers and Shared Servers or the VPS. While both the types have the some operations, the difference lies in the method of operation. In case of shared servers, the same server is shared by many other websites for hosting all of them, which means the same server stores documents and software of more than one website and hosts them together. On the other hand, dedicated servers are assigned to just one particular website so it has only one website to host and no other website has anything to do with that dedicated server.

Thus, dedicated servers, especially the servers hosted in holland, Netherlands, ensure utmost security and privacy to your website as there are no outside interferences. You are also at your own liberty to upload as much files as you wish and expand you website, and change your website configurations according to your wish as well. In case of shared servers, because many websites are involved, you are not at much liberty to expand or change the website. Shared servers are not that secured too, owing to outside interferences. Thus, dedicated servers are the best option of servers in today’s scenario, in terms of easily accessible customization options and high security.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers hosted in Netherlands:

Dedicated servers provide more bandwidth of customization and provide optimum security and privacy to the websites. Other than these, we have numerous other appealing advantages of dedicated servers which have made them so popular today. The advantages of using toegewijd (Dedicated) servers for hosting websites are as follows:

•Big Storage Space: If you buy dedicated server hosting, you can avail a plethora of data transfer and also a reliable CPU with huge RAM storage. This ample storage space also gives you an opportunity for expanding your business, which results in website expansion too. And owing to huge storage space, the website operations will not get interrupted due to the website’s expansion. This advantage makes dedicated servers are great choice for all websites today, especially the developing websites.

•Continuous Network Connectivity: A dedicated server installed in Netherlands or holland can give you uninterrupted network connection without any outside intervention. Every website has a large number of traffic towards it, which poses a threat of website crash. Thus, an efficient server is important so that the traffic can be well managed and tracked. A dedicated server offers 99.9% of a server up time, making it one of the best options that can be used for the servers of websites.

•Strong Security: A dedicated server provides optimum level of security for all websites, resulting in more power and control to the patron. With the help of these easily handled dedicated servers, your website can perform really well, and can also have a highly appreciable capacity to store information. Websites also store various information which are secretive and should not get leaked for example, the information about a customer’s payment details for an e-commerce website. Thus, website security is an important factor, which is greatly ensured by dedicated servers.

•Budget friendly:  Depending upon your business, you need to access many websites at once. This will cause consumption of server resources irrespective of website traffic. Thus, the dedicated servers are better compared to other servers because it is more budget friendly in terms of functionality as compared to others. However, you may find that dedicated servers have high installation costs, but the functionality of dedicated servers make their functioning costs cheaper than functioning costs of other websites.

Types of Dedicated Servers:

In terms of server management, dedicated servers are of two types- unmanaged dedicated servers and managed dedicated servers. An unmanaged dedicated server means you are the sole manager of your server, and neither the company nor any technical IT support will help you. Thus, you are responsible for every aspect of server maintenance, right from ensuring that the server is functioning well to installing upgrades and patches. A managed webhost, on the contrary, requires that the server hosting company will ensure all the technicalities of keeping servers running smoothly and all updates are done. Thus, for managed hosting servers, if your server crashes, the webhost company will fix the issue and make the server online again for you.

Managed or Unmanaged- Which one to go for?

Managed servers are completely managed by the webhosting company. Thus, you need not worry about the maintenance and proper server up-time for proper functioning of your website, because the server company does the needful. If your website crashes, then they will fix all issues responsible for the server breakdown and bring your website back online

Unmanaged servers need self-maintenance. Thus, if you are confident about servers and know about server maintenance very well, or have a strong IT cell in your company, then unmanaged servers are the option for you.

Thus, the following are the differences between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers:

•Cost: Managed dedicated servers are costlier than unmanaged dedicated servers. This is because other than web hosting, the datacenters will also ensure the proper functioning of the server. They will fix all server breakdowns, and are responsible for server uptimes and all upgrades. Unmanaged servers are comparatively cheap because they do not undertake server operation responsibilities except server hosting. However, they do fix hardware issues and software configuration or installation issues in return of a fee for the service provided. Now, usually, hiring an IT technician for help on an hourly basis proves to be more expensive than investing in a managed dedicated server package. Also, all dedicated server companies in various countries, for example in The Netherlands, holland server provide discounts on hardware and software upgrades, web space, billing cycles, and the duration for which the server is higher. Longer billing cycles, longer durations of hiring and bulk services are greatly discounted. Thus, you can save costs on discounts too.

•Technical backup: Unmanaged servers demand that the patrons know a lot about servers and computers. This is because, a server lockout will have to fixed by no one else but you. You can also hire IT experts in your office if you are affluent enough, but make sure that the professionals are completely reliable and can fix server breakdowns. For mamanged servers, you need not have your own technical experts or have a strong technical knowledge because the server company will take care of all the technical aspects of the server, and keep your website functioning well.


Thus, dedicated servers are extremely popular today due to the security and great bandwidth of usage they provide. And choose unmanaged servers if you are greatly tech savvy or have a strong IT cell, else go for managed servers though they are comparatively costlier.